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High spectral purity CO2 laser stabilized using a molecular frequency reference / Pisani, Marco; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA; Zucco, Massimo. - In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT. - ISSN 0018-9456. - 44:2(1995), pp. 159-161. [10.1109/19.377798] 1995 PISANI, MARCOSASSI, MARIA PAOLAZUCCO, MASSIMO -
A comprehensive analysis of the uncertainty of a commercial ozone photometer / Zucco, Massimo; S., Curci; G., Castrofino; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA. - In: MEASUREMENT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. - ISSN 0957-0233. - 14:9(2003), pp. 1683-1689. [10.1088/0957-0233/14/9/320] 2003 ZUCCO, MASSIMOSASSI, MARIA PAOLA + -
International Comparison CCQM-P28: Ozone at ambient level / Joële, Viallon1; Philippe, Moussay1; Michael, Esler; Robert, Wielgosz1; Wolfram, Bremser2; Jirí, Novák3; Miroslav, Vokoun3; Angelique, Botha4; Mellisa Janse Van, Rensburg4; Christoph, Zellweger5; Sandra, Goldthorp6; Annette, Borowiak7; Friedrich, Lagler7; Jari, Walden8; Ettore, Malgeri9; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA; Pilar Morillo, Gomez10; Rosalia Fernandez, Patier10; David Galan, Madruga10; Jin Chun, Woo11; Yong Doo, Kim11; Tatiana, Macé12; Christophe, Sutour12; Ana, Surget12; Bernhard, Niederhauser13; Daniel, Schwaller13; Beata, Frigy14; Irén Györgyné, Váraljai14; Shigeru, Hashimoto15; Hitoshi, Mukai15; Hiroshi, Tanimoto15; Hans Peter, Ahleson16; Axel, Egeløv16; Nils, Ladegard17; Leif, Marsteen17; Kjersti, Tørnkvist17; Franklin R., Guenther18; James E., Norris18; Theo L., Hafkenscheid19; Martin M., Van Rijn19; Paul, Quincey20; Bryan, Sweeney20; Sarka, Langer21; Bertil, Magnusson21; Juliana, Bastian22; Volker, Stummer22; Marina, Fröhlich23; Andreas, Wolf23; Leonid A., Konopelko24; Yuri A., Kustikov24; Dmitry V., Rumyanstev24. - In: METROLOGIA. - ISSN 0026-1394. - 43:Technical Supplement(2006). [10.1088/0026-1394/43/1A/08010] 2006 SASSI, MARIA PAOLA + -
Italian National Primary Standard of ozone-in-air mole fraction / Sassi, MARIA PAOLA. - (2007). 2007 SASSI, MARIA PAOLA -
Air Pollution Control Measurement of Ground Level Ozone with the Photometric Method Uncertainty Analysis of the Sampling Phase / Andria, G.; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA; Campo, A.; Ribeiro, A. Lopes; Lanzolla, A. M. L.. - (2007), pp. 1-5. [10.1109/IMTC.2007.379217] 2007 SASSI, MARIA PAOLA + 04258497.pdf
Accuracy budget of amount-of-substance gaseous standards based on absorption spectroscopy / Sassi, MARIA PAOLA. - In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT. - ISSN 0018-9456. - 56:2(2007), pp. 564-566. [10.1109/TIM.2007.890613] 2007 SASSI, MARIA PAOLA -
Final report on the thermal expansion coefficient of gauge blocks / N., Yamada1; H., Matsumoto1; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA; R., Thalmann3; A., Lassila4; R., Schoedel5; H. A., Castollo6; P., Balling7. - In: METROLOGIA. - ISSN 0026-1394. - 45:Technical Supplement(2008). [doi:10.1088/0026-1394/45/1A/04001] 2008 SASSI, MARIA PAOLA + -
Final report, on-going key comparison BIPM.QM-K1: Ozone at ambient level, comparison with INRIM, 2007 / Viallon, J; Moussay, P; Wielgosz, R; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA; Ettore Malgeri, E; Revel, L.. - In: METROLOGIA. - ISSN 0026-1394. - Metrologia 46:08012(2009). [doi:10.1088/0026-1394/46/1A/08012] 2009 SASSI, MARIA PAOLA + -
A DYNAMIC TRACE VOC GENERATOR USEFUL FOR GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE STUDY / Guido, Sassi; Alessia, Demichelis; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA. - 78:8(2009), pp. 2602-2605. (Intervento presentato al convegno XIX IMEKO World Congress Fundamental and Applied Metrology tenutosi a Lisbon, Portugal nel September 6-11, 2009). 2009 SASSI, MARIA PAOLA + -
Multilevel experimental and modelling techniques for bioartificial scaffolds and matrices / Consolo, F; Mastrangelo, F; Ciardelli, G; Montevecchi, F; Morbiducci, U; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA; Bignardi, C.. - (2010), pp. 425-486. [DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-03535-7] 2010 SASSI, MARIA PAOLA + -
Chemical selective in vitro bioassay for cells/EC matrix detection in 3D nonlabelled cell cultures / Sassi, MARIA PAOLA; Mortati, L.. - In: REGENERATIVE MEDICINE. - ISSN 1746-0751. - Vol. 6 No.6 (Suppl. 2):(2011), pp. 147-147. 2011 SASSI, MARIA PAOLAMORTATI L. -
Influence of a calcium carbonate scaffold on human mesenchymal stem cells proliferation and differentiation / Divieto, Carla; Porcedda, P; Accomasso, L; Giachino, C; Sassi, Maria Paola. - In: REGENERATIVE MEDICINE. - ISSN 1746-0751. - VOL. 6 NO.6 (SUPPL. 2):(2011), pp. 422-422. 2011 Divieto CarlaSassi, Maria Paola + -
Assessment of measurement of cell confluency level by image analysis / Kummrow, A.; Baradez, M. O.; Shaw, M.; Mortati, L.; Frankowski, M.; Metcalf, D.; Pavarelli, S.; Weißbach, C.; Intermite, G.; Tomlins, P.; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA; Marshall, D.; Macdonald, R.. - In: REGENERATIVE MEDICINE. - ISSN 1746-0751. - 6:6(2011), pp. 100-104. 2011 L. MortatiSASSI, MARIA PAOLA + -
Detection of collagen produced by live human corneal fibroblasts and human mesenchymal stem cells cultured in 3D fibrin gel using label-free noninvasive imaging / Mortati, L.; Divieto, C.; Sassi, M.. - In: REGENERATIVE MEDICINE. - ISSN 1746-0751. - 6:6 suppl 2(2011), pp. 129-132. 2011 L. MortatiC. DivietoM. Sassi -
Uncertainty of the Diffusion Measurements on Scaffolds for Cell Growth / Guido, Sassi; Marco, Bernocco; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA. - In: DIFFUSION AND DEFECT DATA, SOLID STATE DATA. PART A, DEFECT AND DIFFUSION FORUM. - ISSN 1012-0386. - 312 315:(2011), pp. 770-775. 2011 SASSI, MARIA PAOLA + -
Uncertainty analysis of the diffusion rate in the dynamic generation of volatile organic compound mixtures / Sassi, G; Demichelis, A; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA. - In: MEASUREMENT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. - ISSN 0957-0233. - 22:10, October 2011(2011), pp. 105104.1507-105104.1514. [10.1088/0957-0233/22/10/105104] 2011 SASSI, MARIA PAOLA + -
Behaviour of Fluorescence Emission of Cyanine Dyes, Cyanine Based Fluorescent Nanoparticles and CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots in Water Solution Upon Specific Thermal Treatments / Mortati, L; Miletto, I; Alberto, G; Caputo, G; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA. - In: JOURNAL OF FLUORESCENCE. - ISSN 1053-0509. - 21:3(2011), pp. 929-936. [10.1007/s10895-010-0610-8] 2011 Mortati LSASSI, MARIA PAOLA + -
CARS and SHG microscopy to follow collagen production in living human corneal fibroblasts and mesenchymal stem cells in fibrin hydrogel 3D cultures / Mortati, L.; Divieto, C.; Sassi, M.. - In: JOURNAL OF RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY. - ISSN 0377-0486. - 43:5(2012), pp. 675-680. [10.1002/jrs.3171] 2012 L. MortatiC. DivietoM. Sassi CARS_JRaman Spec_Apr 2012_DOI=10.1002_jrs.pdf
Therapeutic nanoparticles from novel multiblock engineered polyesterurethanes / Mattu, C; Boffito, M; Sartori, S; Ranzato, E; Bernardi, E; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA; Di Rienzo, Am; Ciardelli, G.. - In: JOURNAL OF NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH. - ISSN 1388-0764. - 14:12(2012). [10.1007/s11051-012-1306-6] 2012 SASSI, MARIA PAOLA + -
Synthesis and Structure-property relationship of polyester-urethanes and their evaluation for the regeneration of contractile tissues / Susanna, Sartoria; Monica, Boffitoa; Piero, Serafini; Andrea, Caporale; Antonella, Silvestri; Ettore, Bernardi; Sassi, MARIA PAOLA; Francesca, Boccafoschi; Gianluca, Ciardelli; Sassi, M.. - In: REACTIVE & FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS. - ISSN 1381-5148. - REACT 3167:(2013). [http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.reactfunctpolym.2013.01.006] 2013 SASSI, MARIA PAOLA + -
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